Having to look through a few hundreds of pages on the wall to see "what is canon" is not a fun thing to do. Luckily for you, here's a list of everything that's happened so far.

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Noteable things from this year:

The french buyout of the Suez Canal.

War in China.


Robert Menzies wins an election in Australia for the liberal party.

Australia fears for their northern lands, and deploys forces at Darwin.


A conflict between Getùlio and the military continues. Meanwhile a young politician is rising in power.

Ramos reveals himself as a third part in the conflict for Brazil, and begins running for presidency. The election is cancelled, and protests begins around the country.

In a turn of actions, Brazil sends 3k soldiers to China, to fight the communists. Brazil asks US for transporting their soldiers.


Canada has republic movements.


Kai-zhek has requested support from NATO, as it appears they are losing against the communist revolution. NATO accepts the deal, arraging a few meeting to discuss how to do it.


France has made the transport to Riviera cheaper, thus increasing tourism. Mining industry in Saar has also increased, thus making more coal to fuel the french ships.

President Auriol had taken a trip to Madrid, visiting Andorra on the way. Afterwards, he visit UK.

The president being in Ireland when the militarization begins, goes on a trip back to Paris. The irish wishes him to stay, but France announces they want nothing to do with the UK-Irish conflict.

France also deployed 1500 troops to secure the French-Liberian border. 30k francs worth of arms are confiscated. Afterwards, soldiers move into Liberia, and occupies the city of Harper, trying to destroy the arms factories.

France Develops Abidjan and surrounding areas, to attract foreign interests and workforce. Taxes of export to US, from Abidjan, are lowered. Meanhile taxes in expensive areas back in France increases.

From the succes of Abidjan, France decides to develop Indo-china too.

The French foreign minister has visited Egypt to discuss establishment of French military presence at the Suez Canal. The shares in the canal are nationalised, to control the Oil trade. France buys the rest of the Suez Canal shares from UK. After this, France deploys both ships, soldiers and vehicles at the Canal.

Afterwards, France has arranged a meeting with Spain in Tangiers, to discuss the tariffs in Gibraltar.

Sparked by the events in the US, 'Mouvement de libération des femmes' is made.

France will give citizen ship to USSR defectors if they have lived in France for 2 years.

France begins air battles in China.


Ireland begins militarizing, as well as making demands for Northern Ireland. US denounces this militarization.


Italy executes terror suspects.


Japan produces manofactories at the Japanese north east coast.


Jordan celebrates the annexation of West Bank.

Jordan focuses on education, as well as opening a university in Amman.

Jordan turns their heads east to interact and recognize with the newly formed nation of republic of Indonesia.


Netherlands continues rebuilding their infrastructure.


Spain has sent military and money to their overseas terretories.

United Kingdom

UK shows they are aware of the splitting of Europe in 2. They even deploy BAF in nations on the western side of the curtain. They also begin air reconisance on the other side of the wall, with France helping as well.

Churchill wins an election in the UK. One of his first actions is to support the French in establishing a military presence at the Suez Canal.

The UK secretary of foreign affairs has met with the French counterpart to discuss relations.

Nigeria feels forgotten, as the french neighbors develops. US even sent foreign aid. The US company Texaco begins drilling oil in Nigeria.

UK deploys a regiment and a naval taskforce at Hong Kong, as the Chinese war moves closer.

As the Irish makes a demand of Northern Ireland, UK declines and deploys 2 armoured divisions and 20 bombers in Northern Ireland.

UK decides to host a meeting for all commonwealth nations.


The US had a feminist revolution, with women fighting for rights. Men are protesting against this movement. The leader of Women's Liberation Pact is founded in the US.

Meanwhile, 1950 election, which never happened....

US releases a new movie, "A delicate hand". Both French and UK critics dislikes it.

US commented on the Suez Matter, supporting the french in their mission to buy it.

Marilyn Monroe moves from US to UK, being a part of BBC instead.


USSR decides to increases influence in the Warzaw Pact, as well as improving relations with Iran.


Yugoslavia makes propaganda

Yugoslavia starts mining Gypsum, as well as use it.

Yugoslavia begins to use less oil and begins researching in clean energy


Some flowers are yellow. Others are blue.