Every new player should recieve this message from one of our Leadership Council, inviting them to join a nation;

Hi, Welcome to the Empires of Earth Project.

This project is for minibuilders, and as such, a capital must be built for each nation in order to RP. Once this is underway, you may roleplay with the rest of the nations on earth.

Realism is important, as such, nations such as the UK won't realistically raise 10 million troops (It's about 1/6 of their population without the empire) unless they literally arm every male across the empire, which itself is a major undertaking.

No formal rules document has been made yet, because of this, the leadership council will decide if something is in breach of our policies - this is godmodding, metagaming, etc. NOT outlawing things such as genocide or some wars - this is a roleplay issue for the United Nations (Security Council, perhaps).

Once you've made an educated decision as to which nation you'd like, send me a reply, but please remember that you can't change nations all the time. We'd prefer, however, if you started with a nation that is less on the global scale, as we'd only like active participants in nations such as the USA, USSR, UK, France, West Germany, and other major powers.

Currently the year is 1950. Borders are shown in the borders personal server, though no roleplaying should take place there.

This message is here primarily for record keeping and for the Leadership Council to copypasta.