This is a list of active nations in the Empires of Earth Project, including which player(s) are participating as them. Nations are sorted alphabetically based on their full title (e.g. "Free State of Westralia", rather than "Westralia, Free State of") as well as their region (e.g. America, Africa, etc.) and should be added as such.

Player States

These nations listed below are controlled directly by a player.


Nation Capital Player(s)
RepublicofDixiaFlag Republic of Dixia N/A DoctorOkPok
NoFlag N/A N/A Deathswat(?)
NoFlag Republic of Cascadia Seattle Trish pt7 (talk) 01:29, July 5, 2016 (UTC)


Nation Capital Player(s)
NoFlag N/A N/A N/A


Nation Capital Player(s)
NewBoerRepublicsofTransvaalFlag New Boer Republic of Transvaal N/A JohnathanLennon


Nation Capital Player(s)
NoFlag Republic of Southern Arabia N/A SgtDalton
NoFlag N/A N/A Digby33

Oceania & Pacific

Nation Capital Player(s)
FreeStateofWestraliaFlag Free State of Westralia Perth Texar
UnitedRepublicofIslandiaFlag United Republic of Islandia N/A DukeWilliamKallioIII

Non-Player States

These states listed below are not directly controlled by a player, this list may not be complete. (This list is currently out of order, this will be corrected at a later time once more of it has been filled in.)

Nation Capital Status
FreeEasternRepublicFlag Free Eastern Republic Shanghai Superpower
UnitedAmericanConfederationFlag United American Confederation Caracas Superpower
UnitedPeoplesDemocraticRepublicFlag United People's Democratic Republic London Superpower

Map of Nations


A Google Map version may be found here.