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Welcome to the Empires of Earth Project Wikia, where the EoEP community tries to comprehensively record all aspects of Empires of Earth Project group. Set in the 1950s, the Empires of Earth Project (also known as "EOEP4") is a roleplaying community based around international relations and politics where roleplay ranges from domestic developments such as infrastructure to the scorched battlefields around the globe. The Empires of Earth Project is based in part on previous projects of the same title that have sadly since faded away, though is not directly related to those past projects nor to the group that hosted them, the Universal Mini Builders.

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We're still pretty young, so this is still a great time to get involved! Get in touch with the group owner or just ask on the wall if you need any help!

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We've formed the wiki! Please feel free to help us fill it in as the project takes shape!

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The Empires of Earth Project group is exclusively devoted to the Empires of Earth Project and all activities related to such, including roleplaying and minibuilding cities.

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This is a section to list some odd jobs that we need help with around the wiki.

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